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Face Toner, NO ALCOHOL formula

No Alcohol Face Toner

Protect your skin! Get away from toners that are alcohol based!

We make our own water-distilled witch hazel instead of using an alcohol-based witch hazel.

Has the light brown color witch hazel bark instills in the water.

This is a great gentle toner. If you don't wear makeup, you can do as I do...use the toner to cleanse your face.  Apply with  a cotton pad or ball. Gently rub over skin concentrating on areas where oiliness is a concern. Finish with Acne Gel, Blemish Stick, Forever Young Face Oil, or Forever Young Face Cream.

Acne - Oily skin. Healing and soothing.

Herbal - Normal to oily skin.

Lavender - Dry, Normal, or Oily skin.

Lemon Refresher - normal to oily skin.

Minty - Normal to oily skin. Refreshing.

Tangerine - Dry to oily skin.

We are now using a safer, HDPE 16 oz. bottle. We can no longer get pumps to fit the height.


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